I am working at a company that has a standby environment for a test server. The servers are running in a virual partition on an HP Superdome with 8 CPU's and 24gb of memory running HPUX 11.11. When a test cycle begins we need to restore the database to a set period in time and then recreate the standby. The database uses raw partitions for everything as it needs to mirror the live system. We use rman to do the backups. Then after the database gets backed up. I want to make the posix shell shutdown the database backup the control and redo files and then restart the database. So that when I do a restore I can use the backed up control files and redolog files to keep from having to do a open database resetlogs. I would then run the rman script for recreating the standby database. This would save me from having to do a restore, then a backup then create standby. I would instead do a restore and then recreate the standby. I would save a step. I am still learning rman so there might be an easier way than what I am already doing. However, I did not set up the environment so I didn't have any input into how it was setup.

I am looking for a way to do an operating system backup of the control files and redolog files and backing up only the data not the whole raw partition. Any relevant ideas would be appreciated.

I was looking at using dd to do the backup, but because the raw partitions are 2.5 gigs each, each file backed up would be 2.5 gigs whether it needs to be or not.

Thanks in advance.