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Thread: Urgent

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    Hi, Our application Users reported TNS connection Lost today,
    We have checked the Alert Logs and sys logs, and we have looked at
    system on the OS sid, we have also pinged all the network cards to see if they were up, But, We dont seem to have an explanation why this happned, Even Oracle told, it was unusuall, They could it not figure it out, THe alert log did not show anything, nor the sys log,
    few people have lost connections, What is reason behind this, if, So, how to stop this from happening,

    Rahul Khana

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    Alex, Egypt
    It seems to be a network problem not an Oracle problem.
    may be the power of the HUB was lost, or someone turned it off,..
    Check if you have any trace file on the server (.TRC)
    Amir Magdy

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    Is ONLY TNS lost or is other connectivty to the server a problem? Is it selective to an application, or all users using any application?

    How are the users tnsnames.ora handled? If they all share one, is it still there? If there is one process which updates it for everyone, did it do something wrong?

    Are the listeners up?

    Did the server tnsnames somehow get changed?

    Sorry for the basic questions but you have to start with that sutff ;)

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    seems like network problem,check logs in $ORACLE_HOME/network/log directory
    Does this happen everyday? If it's only one day I wouldnt worry about it too much

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