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Thread: how to get alter table progress/status

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    how to get alter table progress/status


    I am running alter table

    alter table mytable add (newaddr varchar2(20) default '' not null);

    mytable is 30 M Rows table.

    this cmd is going to update all existing rows with new columns default value.

    my questions

    - is there any system table where i can see status on this alter cmd, like in v$sql i can see rows_processed if i do update/select/insert/delete

    - is there any better way of doing it

    - if i populate new column with NULL , which one is costly ? with NULL or with some default value.

    i can see only growing rollback segment...
    thanks in advance

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    If you've got OEM up you can go into sessions and take a look at it. Click on the "long operations" and you'll see it doing a bunch of sorting.
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    v$transaction might give you some good info as well..

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