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Thread: lsnrctl - Startup in AIX Installation

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    lsnrctl - Startup in AIX Installation


    I am getting this error, when i start listener in Oracle 9.2.01 RAC Installation in AIX UNIX server..
    your input to resolve this issue will be highly appreciated..



    root@node2-/# su - oracle

    /home/oracle> lsnrctl
    exec(): 0509-036 Cannot load program lsnrctl because of the following errors:
    0509-130 Symbol resolution failed for /usr/lib/libc.a[aio_64.o] because:
    0509-136 Symbol kaio_rdwr64 (number 0) is not exported from
    dependent module /unix.
    0509-136 Symbol listio64 (number 1) is not exported from
    dependent module /unix.
    0509-136 Symbol acancel64 (number 2) is not exported from
    dependent module /unix.
    0509-136 Symbol iosuspend64 (number 3) is not exported from
    dependent module /unix.
    0509-136 Symbol aio_nwait (number 4) is not exported from
    dependent module /unix.
    0509-150 Dependent module libc.a(aio_64.o) could not be loaded.
    0509-026 System error: Cannot run a file that does not have a valid for.
    0509-192 Examine .loader section symbols with the
    'dump -Tv' command.

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    Hmm, seems like your software install is either messed up or your environment variables are not setup correctly.
    Jeff Hunter

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    Re: lsnrctl - Startup in AIX Installation

    Oracle executables (such as SVRMGR, oracle, etc.) on AIX are built with the assumption that the post-wait extension is running in the UNIX kernel. If the extention does not exist, the above errors will occur.
    On most UNIX platforms, Oracle uses semaphores to synchronize shadow processes and background processes. But with RS/6000 AIX, the post/wait drive is used instead to increase the performance. The most common solution is to re-install the kernel extension. The best way to do this is to apply patch 2896876 . This patch is designed to clean-up existing kernel extension, re-install them, and update /etc/inittab to automatically load the proper extension at boot time. Please review the patch installation output to determine if a reboot is required This may be required if rootpre.sh was run more than once. When rootpre.sh is run, it issues the command: ' /etc/loadext /etc/pw-syscall ' The second time this command is issued, the one that is currently running will be deactivated, thus giving the error above when database is brought up. Rebooting the machine will clean out the deactivated drive in kernel and rerun the system call.
    Also, you may want to do the following before rebooting:
    1. Login as "root"
    2. Change locations to the "etc" directory
    # cd /etc
    3. Verify that the "loadext" and "pw-syscall" files exist
    # ls -l loadext
    # ls -l pw-syscall*
    4. Query whether kernel extension is loaded or not:
    # ./loadext -q pw-syscall
    If a kernel extension is already loaded, check the version
    # ./loadext -r pw-syscall
    If the kernel extension version is older the the reqested version, unload the version before loading the new version
    # ./loadext -u pw-syscall
    5. Mannually load the kernel extensions
    # ./loadext -l pw-syscall
    6. Invoke lsnrctl to see if you still get the error
    7) Run the rootpre.sh script. Insert the Oracle Server CD (CD #1 if
    8.1.7 or above) into the CD-ROM drive.
    8) As the user root, enter the following commands:
    # mount -rv cdrfs /dev/cd0 /cdrom
    # cd /cdrom
    # ./rootpre.sh

    ROhit S Nirkhe,Oracle/Apps DBA
    OCP 8i,9i
    Thanks and Regards
    Rohit S Nirkhe

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