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Thread: Oracle "Is true" function???

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    Oracle "Is true" function???

    I was wondering if there is a sql function that returns TRUE or FALSE for a sub-select statement. For example...

    Select * from customer where customer_id = 4 AND IsTrue(Select registered from customer where customer = 'y')

    I realize that is not the best example because there are a several other ways to figure out such a query without an "IsTrue" function, but it is just an example of what type of function that I'm looking for. Thanks.

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    Check the docs for EXISTS...
    Jeff Hunter

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    Select *
    from customer.c1
    where c1.customer_id = 4
    and exists (Select 'x'
    from customer.c2
    where c1.customer_id = c2.customer_id
    and = ccustomer = 'y')

    Seems to me that this would do the same thing:
    select *
    from customer
    where customer_id = 4
    and ccustomer = 'y'
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