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Thread: UNIX--AIX?

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    My knowledge of Unix is very limited if not zero. I have never ran oracle on AIX, but I want to learn how to ran Oracle on unix(AIX to be specific). I am an hard core NT person. Can any body recommend any good book for AIX that I can buy and will be good for a beginner like me? Just AIX, no solaris,BSD,etc

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    If you are new to Unix and AIX, I would recommend just getting a basic book on AIX so that you learn the basics of the Unix shell, Unix file systems & file permissions, and the administrative tools available to you on the platform. I don't have my books handy but about any book on general AIX should be fine.

    Another book you might want to look at afterwards isn't specifically geared towards AIX but Unix systems in general. The book is "Oracle8 and Unix Performance Tuning" by Ahmed Alomari. This is a fantastic book for tuning Oracle on UNIX. You'll need to be familiar w/ the basics of Unix before you tackle this though.

    Other than that, make sure that you read the System Administration, Concepts, and Tuning guides that Oracle supplies with the DBMS. The installation guide will be very important as it discusses the specifics of Oracle on the platform you are running on. I seldom hear people talk about the excellent manuals that Oracle supplies which is suprising because they are both well written and are "from the horses mouth". I would highly suggest becoming familiar with these before you spend money on additional texts for Oracle.


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    I can tell you this...

    You will love UNIX once you get to know it a bit better and you will not be laying your hands on NT again.

    Good luck,


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    Also take a look at the "AIX Base documentation CD".


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