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Thread: certification

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    Does anyone knows where I can get free pratice questions for OCP test2. Also, I am only using Jason Couchman's textbook for preparation. Would this be enough for someone who is not CURRENTLY practising database administration.


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    Oracle has a sample test.

    I think it may not enough if you only
    read Couchman's textbook. But you
    never know.

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    Hello David,

    I also prepared for the first two exams with Coucman and had a Oracle 8 version test enviroment at work.

    I didn't had a good feeling during the exams but passed anyway.

    After that I also used Exam Cram and the online documentation. (Didn't know of the existence of both until I read this forum)

    When using this you can pass easely.

    Some people use STS and ITL.

    Hope this helps


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    Wink Online documentation

    1.Where can I find online documentation.
    2. I downloaded 8i for windows 98. I go to start database. It asks for password. what is the password I am supposed to use. I entered scott/tiger, it didn't work . it gives me error
    ORA-11031 cannot log on to Oracle 8i. Where can I look for the ORA-number interpretation.
    3. I created database for NT. How do I do it for 98. do I have to go MY computer, properties, environment. I have everything downloaded. I can't figure from where to start

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    I think you should use system/manager or sys account for starting database. scott/tiger is only a user account which does not have starting db privileges.

    hope this helps.

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    Didn't work. Tried system?manager, sys acount, internal oracle.
    When I created on NT
    1.I created folders for database DB01.
    2.Then I went to start--Run--Regedit--HKey_local_machine and changed local to db01.
    3. Mycomputer-- environment entere the path and DB01
    4. I went to control panel--services and checked whether oracle service db01 is started automatic, TNS Listener started automatic
    5. I went to C prompt and entered oracle_sid= DB01
    6. At svrmgr I connected as system/manager as sysdba
    7. created pwdfile with oradim
    8. created database.
    This I did at my friend's house where the software was set up.
    I am not very familiar with installation. I just managed to download psoracle 8i for windows.
    Can anyone help me in this direction. I am trying to set it up and get more hands on

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