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Thread: Platform switch questions - Solaris to Intel/Linux

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    Platform switch questions - Solaris to Intel/Linux

    I need to research the costs issues with abandoning Sun and migrating to Intel/Linux. I thought I saw a nice how to linux/oracle-rac on this sat early last year but cant find it.

    We currently have a physical Dataguard Sun pair. As long as we are migrating what I would like to do is move to a position that allows us some redundancy and able to easily scale to RAC or some GRID solution at a later time. We just got a cash infusion to take us to the end of the year, not sure we will be around so keeping it inexpensive for now.

    Question - 1

    If we just put two Linux boxes into a cluster configuration I think we need some expensive components such as a shared disk cabinet and RAC. There is no getting around either of these I am guessing.

    Question - 2

    I only see 2 other options, One beefy server with dual everything which is still succeptible to Instance crashes. Or I continue with 2 servers in a physical dataguard configuration, having to manually failover in the event of a problem.

    Any and all thoughts, opinions, and flames are welcome - THANKS

    P.S. Current mgmt dissatisfaction with Sun ( remove all boxes not just those running Oracle )

    1 - Expensive
    2 - Slow
    3 - Stock files system requires manual FSCK locally whenever box fails and reboots
    4 - In house skillset is more prevalent with linux than solaris
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    I dont like the fact that you have automatically assumed that Linux is cheaper than Sun.

    You need to do a comparison, not just assume and must take into consideration more than just raw cost.

    We recently did a comparison and Linux only came out barely cheaper than Sun for some high end stuff. Not enough to make us consider it due to a good relationship with Sun and what they can offer us and issues with OS Maturity, scalability and performance.

    If you look at just the $ of the hardware you might find yourself being burned.
    Performance can always be increased, I bet if you suffer bad performance on Sun you will no Linux as well

    But if management decide Linux is it, i guess you have no choice :-)

    good luck

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    Thanks davey23uk, they are definately going to do it for weblogic, switching to JBOSS and linux to save money.

    At this time I am evaluating it and frankly looking to get us closer to RAC or GRID. Do you think those choices would be not much cheaper on linux ?

    We expect to be break even on the switch, they dont even pay for Solaris support so there is no gain. They believe it will be more stable and more supportable.

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