Hi everyone,

This is my first time. Let me wish everyone a very happy new year.

Now the reason I am here is can someone please help me with my database. I have a MS Access database with one table which hold the information about various organisations which deal with 1 or more disabilities and offer 1 or more types of employment (paid, skills, training......). Since it's not a good idea to link Access database to a web portal as there will be many users accessing the database at the same time, I have decided to convert the database into an sql database. Or I could just create a new database in oracle which has the following tables:
1. organisation details (org_id, name, address, ......)
2. Disability (dbl_id,type_of_disability)
3. Employment(empl_id, type of employment)

relationships between them could be as follows:
organisation details -one-to-many----Disability
organisation details -one-to-many-----employment

and then the user queries the database by ticking one of the boxes on the disability form to search for organisations which deal with that particular disability(1 or more) and offer various types of employment.

I t works fine in Access but am I on the right path to implement in oracle.