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Thread: Migration

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    I'm working on Migration of data from Flat Files to Oracle 8.0.5 database. I'm facing 2 major problems any suggestions would be highly appreciated:

    1. How to migrate Special characters like TM - Trade Mark or R - Registered the symbols appear along with any company logo? Small characters appearing on top of the banner.

    2. Double-byte characters
    During insertion of data, only data length is taken into consideration. Double-byte characters in text file are the same length as single-byte characters. Hence, when inserting data, the record will not be inserted if the double-byte characters exceed half the length of the size for VARCHAR2 datatype.

    Thanks in advance


    Bhavani Shanker1

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    For your first question about the special characters, are they in the actual data or just at some heading of the files with some sort of company logo? if the characters are just in some headings you can remove them from the flatfiles when you import them into the database. If they're in the data, and you're sure you need them in the data, I suppose if a direct insert of the characters doesn't work (have you tried it yet?), you could use some encoding scheme. Like the HTTP protocol uses, "%XX" where xx is the hex value of the character, or some other. I haven't needed to use special characters in a database.

    As for your second problem, which characters are you referring to? The obvious solution (not necessarily the best) would be to make all of the fields that might contain double byte characters twice as long as they need to be. Since it's a VARCHAR2 datatype it will only take up as much space as needed to store the data contained, so none would be wasted. Eg, storing "hello world" takes the same ammount of space in a varchar2(11) column and a varchar2(4000) column. Have you verified that the characters are causing a problem yet, or just planning ahead?

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    special characters


    I could load and symbols by setting the NLS_CHARACTERSET to WE8MSWIN1252 on my client machine as I am using windows NT. I am unable to load .

    Thank You,

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