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Thread: Ms Sql

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    Ms Sql

    Question: I have an app based on an MSSQL DB, can I migrate this DB to ORACLE9, including data, tables and stored procs?

    As you certainly might have guessed I am no DB wizz, weorking with Flash, the app is a Remoting application, now I know CF MX can talk to an ORACLE DB, now I just need to know if I can painlessly get that ORACLE DB up and running...

    anyone? Do not need the hows, just wether it is possible.

    Muchos gracias


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    Welcome, new member!

    It must be possible.

    Maybe to shortest route is to use a tool that can acces both databases. (i used something like SmartModeler, which could create data-schemas for a multiple of databases. It could do reverse enginering aswell). Use that tool to read the MS SQL schema. Then let the tool create a Oracle script that builds the tablespaces, schemas, tables, indexes, etc, etc. If you don't have the tool, than you maybe have to manually create the objects in Oracle.

    The data.
    Let MS SQL create a Comma Separated Value-file with all the data. You can load that into Oracle with SQLLoader.

    Good luck!
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    Oracle offers the Migration Workbench tool to convert SQL Server databases to Oracle. I've never needed to use it so I cannot tell you how effective or easy to use it is. More information here:


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