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Thread: dbms_stats with parallelism stats

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    dbms_stats with parallelism stats

    I used the package DBMS_STATS to gather statistics for a schema (with 8 Go).

    - without the parallelism clause (degree with the default value),
    to compute statistics (100%), execution time is about : 45 mn

    - with a parallelism of 4 (there are 4 CPUs on this box),
    to compute statistics (100%), execution time is about : 42 mn.

    I waited for an important ratio between the first and second execution). An explanation, idea ?

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    ratio? Are you expecting 45minutes/4 for your 2nd case? No.

    Is you system already CPU bound?

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    In the 2 cases, we have an execution time aroud 45mn (45mn without degree clause and 42mn with degree of 4).

    Our system is not CPU bound.

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    Oracle Says

    Oracle’s parallel-query architecture is unique in its ability to dynamically determine the degree of parallelism for every query. Unlike other database architectures, in which the degree of parallelism is solely determined by the partitioning scheme of the underlying tables, query parallelism within Oracle is intelligently determined, based on the size of the tables, the number of CPU’s, the number of files to be accessed, and other variables.
    Eventhough this is about parallelism on query, definitely it will applies to the other areas too. It is true that you specified degree of parallism 4 but, the database objects may not be the candidates for that parallism.

    In Oracle 10g comes with a new option for DEGREE in DBMS_STATS. You can specify DEGREE=auto_degree so that Oracle will calcualte the degree of parallelism on execution hence it will be optimal. Its decision will be based on the number of CPUs and other factors considering optimal performance.
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