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Thread: ERwin 3.5.2

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    I have installed ERwin 3.5.2 on my NT box, when I do reverse engineering, Oracle connection won't work(when I click OK, the screen won't work,it does not even give an error message so that I can have a clue). I have Oracle Client installed on my NT box and I double check that my ODBC is working properly. I even checked ERwin's website for all resources on db connections. I still can not get it work.
    Is there anybody have experience with ERwin 3.5.2? I would appreciate your help. thanks in advance.

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    i don't know what would be the exact solution, but it may be due to the
    problem of registry. can anyone focus light into it??
    Pao de dabba

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    Hi dragon99,

    No ODBC driver is required (this is my experience).
    U only need Oracle sqlnet client installation (and tnsnames.ora
    with the right configuration) to perform reverse
    engineering. If you can connect to the db from NT client
    (for example with sqlplus) you should also be able
    to do reverse engineering using the right
    service/username/passwd with ERWin.

    Maybe you installed DAO support at the end
    of ERWin installation and you are still
    trying to use ODBC to access the db?
    Try using only SQLNet.


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    At times it will give problems like that.Solution is when you r connecting instead of clicking on radio button oracle click on ODBC and select the DSN name.When you using this u have check box for relationships check that other wise u want get FK relationships when u reverse engineer.

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