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Thread: Oracle Administration 1z0-013 pass - feedback

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    Hi, all
    Today a month after my first exam 1z0-001, I pass the second one Oracle Administration. 51/63 43 needed. Not famous but pass anyways. I have prepared my exam with jason cochman's book (65%) STS(20%), BrainBuzz Cramsession(2%) and practice(13%).

    There are 15% questions STS like, but, still question I do not found in my books. In the couchmans book have found a contradiction, it is said that (page 541):
    order of object imported
    1.table def.
    2.row data
    3.b-tree indexes
    4.constraint, bitmap indexes and triggers.
    On STS and other materials the bitmap indexes are cleary imported after the triggers.

    I consider this is a very good book, but you must be carefull, and read others materials also.

    Questions that I remember:
    1.The export command parameter to create a initial extent with the size of the current segment?(COMPRESS?)
    2.Who owns a role?
    3.Can you create a datafile with create tablespace command? if yes which wiew must query to see the size?
    4.Insert data with direct load into a table with lots of rows deleted. The rows will be inserted above the high-water-mark wasting space?
    5.Quering V$logfile what STALE means?(INCOMLETE)
    6.Display current log sequence number (ARCHIVE LOG LIST)
    7.You drop a table. There is a stored proc who point this table, How to see the state of this proc using Server Manager command?
    recompile the procedure?
    8.Which encoding scheme represent all characters for computer usage?(UNICODE?)
    9.How to rename a SYSTEM datafile? shut down instance move the file mount database and do ALTER DATABASE RENAME FILE?
    10. You drop a user with CASCADE parameter, this will affect the roles granted by this user to others?

    So good luck to all DBA aspirants

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    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    Talking Congrats!

    Hi dmarian,
    Heartly Congratulations on passing the paper :)

    Vimal Patel
    OCP DBA 7.3, 8, 8i, 9i
    Sun Solaris 8 Sys. Admin.

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    Big congrats. When are you planning the next exam?

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    Thanks all,

    Thanks Ac,
    I will be ready for B&R on the middle of december.
    I study 1 hour by day 6hours on week-end, so each exam take me 4-5 weeks to prepare.

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