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Thread: Oracle Standard Edition One

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    Oracle Standard Edition One for $1000.00 ?

    Cant quite figure out what the limitations are. I always work with Enterprise Edition. I seem to recall Standard edition means no internet users. Is that the the catch? You can use this for a departmental or company wide database but cant hookup it to webservers and web traffic?

    1 CPU 1000 bucks announced yesterday


    thx ( currently reviewing our 8 licenses and the support costs have the CIO pulling her hair out, mine too! )
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    Looks like Standard Edition 1 CPU for $1000.00 even lets you use it to drive a web site...


    Key Product Features :

    Support for more types of data than any other database including XML, audio, documents, text and more
    Complete compatibility with the Oracle Database Enterprise Edition
    The most comprehensive and open access to Web Services through SQL, Java, XML and standard Web interfaces
    Efficient management with self-tuning and self-diagnosing features

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    Three main differences between SE and EE (and none of them has to do anything with "internet users"):

    - SE can only run on a box with maximum 4 CPU, EE has no such limitation
    - Most *options* (those that you have to install and licence separately) are not supported on SE, only on EE
    - There are some *features* built into the core database (and you don't have to pay for them separately) that are not suported on SE, only on EE

    Check the options/features availability matrix on http://download-west.oracle.com/docs...edit.htm#73594
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