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Thread: import to where?

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    I am simply trying to import a full export file.

    I can do it from the command prompt, but I am not sure if I should be setting the FROMUSER and TOUSER parameters (since I get errors of "user does not exist)."

    I tried it with using the user id that I found in the log. I received no errors, but can't find the database. I thought that I could simply import this full database, and then make the programming changes that I need to make. I am importing from a cd...my question is--to where? I am specifying user/password@databasename, but can't find it in my sql workspace.

    CAn anyone help? or, point me in the right direction?


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    Oct 2000
    Try using the GUI to import data. The Gui has never given me any problems

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    Normally full exp/imp is done as user system or user having privilege to export full database.
    when u do a full database exp/imp users are also exported and then imported into new database.so u may not have the user in the new database yet.
    imp system/pw@new_db file=full_path.dmp log=full_path.log ignore=y full=y
    before doing that u can try with show=y instead of full=y.that way it will just generate a log without importing and show errors if any.

    (imp or imp80 or imp73 depending on the version u use for 8i/8/7)

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