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Thread: Import Question

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    Hello all

    I am trying to do an import of a SAP system that contains about 50,000 objects. I am not importing the rows just the object metadata. Any idea what size of a table space I should have. I exported without rows and ended up with a 47 Mb DMP file. Is there any way to tell by that for large the import will be.
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    In short, no.

    Do you know what parameters SAP used for the export (if you did it using SAPDBA)? If you can find out what the parameter were (i.e. OWNER=____ or TABLES=____ ). If you know what the objects are, you can check to see what size they are now. If they fit before in the tablespace(s), more than likely they'll fit again. I'm afraid I've been out of SAP too long to tell you how to check this, but I think SAP tells you a directory (randomly named) that it used for exp/imp activity during the operation.

    Check for whether the export used COMPRESS=N. If it didn't you could get the object sizes from the export file by importing with the parameter SHOWFILE and checking all the "initial extents." If this sounds tedious, it would be for 50K objects.

    Good luck, D.

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