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Thread: Table size urgent

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    Hi ,

    Without estimating i gave the storage parameter to the tables, But Now i feel that (performance is very slow ) I need to estimate the amount of data to be loaded for a particular table.
    I have very little knowledge ,that PCTFREE space is used for update the row data in a table like that.
    I want to know the effect of other storage parameter, Intial,extents,optimal etc. & how to calculate the parameter values.


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    pctfree is the percentage which is reserved in a block for the updates of records in that particular block. This percentage is dependent on the nature of transactions, whether the table is read-only/has lots of updates etc.
    Basically the steps to size a table are as follows:
    1. Calculate the total block header size.

    2. Calculate the available data space per data block.

    3. Calculate the combined column lengths of the average row.

    4. Calculate the total average row size.

    5. Calculate the average number of rows that can fit in a data block.

    6. Calculate the number of blocks and bytes required for the table.
    For more info. visit [url]http://technet.oracle.com/docs/products/oracle8i/doc_index.htm.[/url]
    Hope it will be helpful

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    Thanks for ur response.
    I am not able to acces the web page in oracle.(It say it no longer exist ..bla bla)

    am new to this can u take an example explain thru the steps u mentioned. it will be helpful to me today & in future !!
    I have a nested column in the table(Table of type) also.


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