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Thread: sessions vs.users

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    sessions vs.users

    Hi ,

    Can some one please clarify the following:

    1.is a session means transaction or user
    2.how do we calculate user vs transactions

    for example if it 100 users = 300 transactions
    or is it some thing else

    Pls advise and thenak you for time and help, much appreciated

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    A session is a connection to the database either from a user
    or an Oracle process.
    A user is a name in the dba_users table. A single user may
    log onto the database multiple times (creating multiple sessions).
    ie: John Smith logs into 3 separate applications using
    the same database. He has 3 sessions
    The number of transactions has nothing to do with the sessions


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    A session is a connection to the database. It could be that a single user could have several sessions at a time. (This would especially be the case if an application has its own user ID.) When you look at the V$SESSION view you will see the background processes as well although I am not sure they count as "sessions".

    A transaction is a set of SQL commands and ends with a COMMIT, a ROLLBACK or a LOGOFF (or a session abort).

    I guess that technically you could say that every session is in a transaction at any given moment. On the other hand if you look at the V$TRANSACTION view it will show you the number of transactions that are actually making a demand on rollback segments. This is probably what you are interested in in the first place.

    I suggest you check the counts in V$TRANSACTION in your own environment to get a feel for the ratio of sessions to transactions. I would expect the number of transactions to be very much less than the number of sessions.

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