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Thread: Performance problem

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    I have a problem ,(But when i did it for first time i did not have any problem). This time when i load a table 's object data type columns from another table using INSERT INTO THE (SELE.... WHERE XXX = YYYY) I have the index for XXX & YYY
    The above statement is a PL/SQL with cursors.
    The data is huge !! I dont understand why now am facing this problem, (I am Truncating the table and reload it newly)..
    When contachted DBA , he is telling he will export ,do segmentation for that table where its inserted and import it ?
    I dont really understand !!!
    Why is this happening ? is there any other way its possible to get rid of this ?

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    Coincidently i had a similar porblem (though mine was a long pending one) which i had posted yesterday an hour before you did!
    Its titled 'Help reqd to identify batch load problem' you can check that out to see whether you specified appropriate storage parameters.
    Anyway mine worked yesterday finally after rebuilding the indexes after trying out other steps.
    So you may also try that out.

    Good luck

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