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Thread: Autoextend - performance?

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    Autoextend - performance?

    In a previous thread I was convinced I should use AUTOEXTEND with MAXSIZE: http://www.dbasupport.com/forums/sho...threadid=34935 and I'm now planning to rebuild my tablespaces bearing this in mind (LMT uniform etc etc as well).

    Extending a file takes some time - does anyone see a performance hit when files are extended?

    I would expect that nothing would "hang", provided that the buffers were big enough to hold all the dirty blocks that are waiting to be written to that file. Have I missed anything?

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    Maybe if you have lots of datafiles on many harddisks that extend with too small steps, you might encounter waits. Or if you extend with large steps (let's say 128MB).

    If you know the specs of your disk-array (cache, I/O speeds, etc), you can determine the right extend-size, right?

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    Also, depends on the value you have specifed for NEXT's of the datafile & the segment in Q which needs to extend.

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