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Thread: ORA -12571:TNS: Packet writer failure

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    Are all the oracle services running on the OS.
    if not try to create the oracle service for which you want create the database manually using ORADIM
    then set oracle_sid=sid_name
    sqlplus /nolog
    connect sys/change_on_install@sid_name as sysdba

    try this option..
    still you have any problems post your email address i will send you the document how to install the oracle on w2k..

    please mention your hardware configuration..

    oracle recomends min 256 MB ram for 9i..

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    TNS Packet writer failure error

    Hello Friends

    i have no choice except changing the operating system to NT ot 2000 Server. I di not get any soln from either from dba click forum or dba support or even from oracle support.
    but any way guys you all doing a good job, so keep doing that.
    best of luck

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    Jus for TNS packet writer failure, you wana change OS? -- thas crazy
    What's that it gotta do with your error?

    Well now coming to your quote
    I di not get any soln from either from dba click forum or dba support or even from oracle support.
    You aint providing enough info & you expect help, how do we know where your goin worng...

    Jus post what ever you did till you gotta this error, then you can expect help...


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    TNS apcket failure

    Hi Abhayk
    thanks for your concern.
    i am still alive and still fighing . s/w is installed but as soon as you start DBCA after compleing 46% installation it says packet failure error
    oracle told me go to /program file/oracle/inventory/locks/writer.lock then delete the file writer0.lock.
    but the problem is when i check in the locks directory at the time of installation the directory was writer0.lock was there , but as soon as S/w installation done it convert to reader0.lock.
    then oracle told me to delete reader0.lock .
    i did that.
    then i tried manual database creation i am still able to connect to idle instace but after when you try to connect as sysdba it gives error again.i ahve checked every thing (password file also) is there.

    pls advice

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    Can you copy and paste the outputs here for the following.

    1. The errors thats thrown when you run the scripts manually.
    2. The entries in alertlog files. (ORACLE_BASE/admin/sid/bdump)
    3. The entries in the trace files. (ORACLE_BASE/admin/sid/udump)

    Have you created the Oracle Services before manually running the database creation script and did you set ORACLE_SID on the command prompt.

    Also can you paste your dbca scripts.
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