Last week I placed a question to know if they some body
could help me, after many research I obtained the anser in another
places and likes to share with you.

Already I made and I remade the installation for more
than 6 times and all had functioned perfectly.

0, In Windows
1,Click START menu,click run
2,Type MSCONFIG in the open box then click
3,Click on the "win.ini" tab then on ( compatability95) with
4, Click new at the bottom
5, Type JREW=0x00080000
6, Click apply button then click ok
7, Restart your computer and Oracle 8i will install.

It really functions I am with the two versions of the Personal
(8i and 9i) installed and twirling concurrently one with the other.

I would like this comes to help who has windows me (milenium)
and needs the personal to study.

But they remember that the Oracle says that does not function.