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Thread: How to ask questions in a forum!! Newbees and exp. people pay attention!

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    Another thing that I should mention is that I am lucky enough to be in a department where the managers are all very seasoned DBA's and have a very good scope on DBA tasks AND the business.

    I (after 2 years) am still the newbie here, by a long way too.

    I remember when this place was cool.

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    I was talking from the perspective of making dba day-to-day life easier considering mean time to recover with minimal available resources. If corporate mgmt do not understand and don't give a damn, obviously dba will not give a damn for how long it take to bring database back online.

    I don't think effort of recovery from exp/imp is equivalent to the effort from hot backup. Corporate Mgmt doesn't know how to use resources effectively or they will stick to what they beleive and never explore options for better infrastructure. Nobody help 'em anyway.

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    Originally posted by Mr.Hanky
    Most of the time you are recovering one table.
    And how on earth you recover a table in a production OLTP database with import? Considering the table is not a lookup/parent/dimension table?

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    I agree that there are situations where you can't help but to follow the orders even if you don't agree with the solution.
    I remember a new project came up at our company the database and backup methodology was designed at partner company. The partner company wanted to implement the same thing at our site. They sent me documents and asked me to do exactly what was documented.

    I went through the documented and was amused with there backup methodology. It was a small db runnig on WinNT. They have two machines with exactly same confguration. On the main server they have batch jobs to shutdown th db and backup all the drives. Then they move whole backup to another machine (kinda c: to c:, d: to d: etc). They called the other machine "standby server". And they do it on weekly basis. On daily basis they copy the archive logs to another server.

    I contacted the people there and tried to explain them that this is not the correct way to do it BUT they wanted EXACTLY same as documents. I agreed on a condition that I will not be taking care of this db after installation and setup.

    You know they still call me whenever they run into trouble but not ready to change the way they backup.
    Sanjay G.
    Oracle Certified Professional 8i, 9i.

    "The degree of normality in a database is inversely proportional to that of its DBA"

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    Coming to the Original Poser started by Tarry...
    I honestly believe that if Tarry's gidelines are followed in full, there will be hardly any posers on this forum. Its all these guys with seemingly funny questions (may be serious for some), that make this forum interesting and lively.
    Don't kill the forum by making it dfficult for people to ask questions.
    Relax a little, after all if experts/moderators don't have the time to reply (or the question is too 'lowly' for them to reply), someone else will. This is the beauty of this forum.

    My views...

    Raminder Singh

    Oracle Certified DBA: Oracle 8i, 9i

    Mail me at raminderahluwalia@rediffmail.com.

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    Tarry :

    Coming to orignal Q, i think you may need to add some lines on the sub topic saying

    " Guide Lines For Exp people when replying to a post " -- I think you missed it or you are more reluctunt to add .


    "I Dont Want To Follow A Path, I would Rather Go Where There Is No Path And Leave A Trail."

    "Ego is the worst thing many have, try to overcome it & you will be the best, if not good, person on this earth"

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    Oh not at all, Abhay!

    I mean there aren't many people here who snap back at all times but you're right that sarcasm must come down a bit. It is rather disturbing to see that people come up with all kinds of requests that don't make sense. It's almost like people are beginning to use the web as a place to "get off". That also includes people trying to judge others rather quickly.

    Experienced people are just as lazy as inexperienced. I don't give a sh*t about anyone who's adding his post counts by not "really" contributing to the forum, You'll earn more respect from fellow members if you really come out and help others help themselves, look at people like Chris, jurij, slimdave and others... these guys take pains to even format the code and post it back. Look at Tom Kyte, he'll answer your most complex problem but also take time to give a simple explanation of a selfjoin (say) or simply something like this...(http://asktom.oracle.com/pls/ask/f?p...1497644517496,). We here don't have the luxury to sort out the post or bung some php code(but it's certainly a good idea) which will.....

    [1]sort users asking for os version, nature of problem, efforts ,issues, etc etc

    [2] ask them to read text of agreeing to some terms(on individual posts) etc

    About the inexp people now...

    I mean for instance the sts/ilt guy on the ocp forum, you see guys who have all the material and trust me all that stuff is being given away for free by all those ftp's in far east (I'm not saying that he got it that way though). So you take no effort to study, you spend nothing to buy the stuff and naturally you'll have no motivation to go up there and take the exam. And you're not going to come out as a true professional.

    "get my drift" says a guy in the ocp forum. What do you want? That someone else takes the exam for you? No wonder the ocp, mcse is worth nothing anymore. You could get that kind of person as your colleague who'll lean on you for everything,..

    You're definitely right about going easy on the newcomers but you've got no choice against people coming begging for all kind of nonsense like mail me back asap, "get my drift", etc.

    I'm certainly not reluctant to add that, I'm absolutely againt the notion of spewing out your frustrations on others...


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    Tarry Singh
    I'm a JOLE(JavaOracleLinuxEnthusiast)
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