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Thread: Date Time Zone problem

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    can somebody tell me how to solve such a problem.
    We have two databases. One is in Pacific Time Zone,
    another is in Eastern Time Zone. In each database
    we have a table with column of type DATE that store
    record creation time. If I copy data from one database
    to another database across database link then Oracle
    would not convert date from PST to EST automatically.
    So it will look like real record creation time will
    differ in two databases. How can I solve this problem?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Convert the date column with SQL function NEW_TIME.

    NEW_TIME(d, z1, z2), returns the date and time in time zone z2 when date and time in time zone z1 are d.

    SELECT new_time(sysdate,'PST','EST') FROM dual;

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