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Thread: Oracle 2112 error

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    I am getting SQL 2112 error when executing the Pro*C++
    code. The problem is random, even when there is only one matching row for the query , this error is reported
    sometimes i find ORA 1306 occuring just before this error. we are using oracle on HP UX 10.20.
    I would like to Know that this issue is OS Specific or Database specific. Any patches need to be installed. Could you guys can throw some light.


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    The error is because in SELECT ... INTO returns too many rows.
    Cause: A SELECT ... INTO statement returned more rows than can be stored in the host variable provided.

    Action: There are three possible solutions:

    Use the precompiler option SELECT_ERROR=NO.
    Declare a host variable with a larger array dimension.
    Declare a cursor or cursor variable for the select statement.

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