I am trying to setup an Access 97 application that will view data in read-only mode from an Oracle Database. If I use the SQL Plus 8.0 tool, the queries run fine and return the proper results. However, if I use the same SQL statement for a passthrough query in Access, I get Error: ORA-1013 User requested cancellation of current operation. This happens almost everytime after 55 seconds of running. No matter what the query statement is. I have set the query timeout to 3600 seconds to make sure that there was plenty of time allocated since I am pulling from a large table. Here is a sample of one of the failing queries:


However, if I use a standard select query without the SUM, it comes back fine.

Does anybody have any suggestions or guidance, it would be GREATLY appreciated. I do not really have the approval to use stored procedures on the Oracle server. So I do need to at all costs find a way to use passthrough queries in Access to do some pretty complicated tasks.

Thank you!