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Thread: dates please help

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    hi there

    i have a date column which contains the date and time. i want to select only the date from the column how do i do it.

    i enetered a select query as follows

    select distinct left(regdate1,9) from user_details.

    it was working fine but now it is not. please help me out.

    cheers and thx in advance


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    Oracle stores data in a proprietary format. It uses 7 bytes for Data storage and 1 byte is used for the length data.

    The following is the mapping of the oracle's date type

    Byte 1 -> Century
    Byte 2 -> Year
    Byte 3 -> Month
    Byte 4 -> Day
    Byte 5 -> Hour
    Byte 6 -> Minute
    Byte 7 -> Second

    So you can see, Oracle makes no difference between date and time.
    First you should change date mask retrieve from your query, how ? easy, just tell Oracle date format you want to retrieve.

    select distinct to_char(regdate,'dd-mm-yyyy') from user_details

    With this mask you will get 21-08-1992 date format.

    Hope this helps.

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