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Thread: reading XMI files thro oracle

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    Question reading XMI files thro oracle

    is there any built-in-package/tool in Oracle to Read an XMI File?

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    TThe XML parser is responsible for reading an XML document and making sure it complies with the necessary rules. There are two kinds of parsers: Non-validating and validating. The non-validating parser is the simpler of the two, and simply checks to see if a document is well-formed. The more complex validating parser will not only check for well-formed ness, but also for validity (ie, that the document actually follows all the rules laid out in an associated DTD or schema).

    If the document passes these tests, then the parser breaks it into a structure called a document tree. As the name implies, a document tree is simply a hierarchical data structure created from the nested elements in the document. Once you have written a parser you can extend the document structure and the parser will still work, which is extremely important for backward compatibility.

    Once the document is parsed and loaded, you can use a wide variety of languages (such as Java, JavaScript, etc.) to write programs that use the Document Object Model (DOM) API to traverse and manipulate the information in the tree. For example, you could write a JavaScript program to build a hierarchical view of an XML invoice by programmatically expanding and collapsing the tree's branches. This sort of client-side manipulation is very fast because it acts on information stored in memory, rather than having to re-query the server each time a user requests a new view of the same information.

    The Oracle XML Parser for PL/SQL provides PL/SQL developers with a set of APIs for parsing, manipulating, and transforming XML documents inside the database.

    As illustrated in the figure below, in Oracle8i Releases 1, 2, and 3—server versions 8.1.5, 8.1.6, and 8.1.7, respectively—the Oracle XML Parser for PL/SQL is a set of PL/SQL packages that expose the underlying functionality of the XML Parser for Java. In the 8.1.7 release, the XML Parser for Java is natively compiled inside the server for better performance.

    XML Parser for PL/SQL wraps the XML Parser for Java

    The packages included in the Oracle XML Parser for PL/SQL are listed in Table 1.

    Table 1: Key PL/SQL Packages for Working with XML

    PL/SQL Package Name Description

    xmlparser Contains datatypes, functions, and procedures for parsing XML
    xmldom Contains datatypes, functions, and procedures for creating and manipulating the members of an XML document’s object model like elements, attributes, text, comments, etc.
    xslprocessor Contains datatypes, functions, and procedures for transforming XML documents using XSLT stylesheets and searching an in-memory XML document using XPath expressions

    Note: As a reference, full API documentation for these packages is available in the ./doc subdirectory of the XML Parser for PL/SQL distribution that can be downloaded from the Oracle Technology Network at http://technet.oracle.com/tech/xml.

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    There good examples in Tim's site http://www.oraclebase.com


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