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Thread: Difference between Global DB name and SID

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    Difference between Global DB name and SID

    Hello all...

    I was trying to create a new DB using DBCA on Oralce9i. In one of the steps that we go thru using this GUI tool, it was asking Global DB name and SID name.

    My question is ...

    What is the Difference between Global DB name and SID ?...can i give 2 different names for these 2 fields, if so which one to use for tnsnames.ora file in client and server side ...

    thanks to all


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    You can always connect to DB either ways.
    When you are connecting to DB using db links it will use Global DB name if you have Global Names value is set to true. You have to use the same global name to connect.
    Instance is set of backgroung processes you create on the database . You can have more than one instance on one database.
    You can always rename the global name .
    alter DB rename global_name to ' ';

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    By default global name is a combination of service name.domain name, but you can have your own name which can be same as your instance name.

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    Per documentation:

    The SID is a unique identifier that you can use to refer to an instance of
    the database that is available on your system. Use the SID field to specify a
    unique identifer for the default instance that will correspond to the starter
    database -- "oracle" is a common choice.

    A database global name is the complete name of the database, including the
    database's encompassing network domain. The database's global database name
    has a format of db_name.domain_name. The db_name portion of the global name
    must be 8 characters or less and consist of alphanumeric characters, and it can
    contain special characters _, #, and $. The domain_name portion of a global
    database name must be 128 characters or less. (ie. oracle.animatedlearning.
    com -- default SID is oracle & domain is animatedlearning.com).
    There is always a better way to do the things.

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