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Thread: Standby database

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    Standby database

    Hi All,
    I have a test standby database scenario.
    We have database on a windows 2000 system with Oracle 8.1.6
    We had set up a Standby database on another windows 2000 system.After the back up there were around 10archive log files whcih were created before thw standby database was setup and recovered.
    Now we wanted to recover the standby database one of the archive logs is missigng.

    Because my primary DB is fine we had no problems . What if the Primary DB is completely down and i could not recover the Standby site due to the loss of the archivelog. Now we assume what we have is just Datafiles,Redologs , a Standby controlfile and parameter file so what can be done at this situation to make this database work.

    I would like your suggestions.

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    If you can open your standby database in read only mode, then you can activate your standby database, and you will lose the transactions recorded in the 10 archived log files.
    If you cannot open your standby in read only mode(saying system.dbf needs more recovery, then you are in trouble, the only solution is to use _allow_resetlogs_corruption and open your standby database and lost the data in archived log and lost the intergrity of the database).

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