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Thread: Oracle on Win NT only

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    Oracle on Win NT only

    Hello Guys:

    All along I have been working on Oracle on Unix and I am going for a short term project where the environment is Win NT/2000 Server only.

    I need to know some good websites where I can find answers to some situations only happening to NT and some administration issues as well. As well become aware to finding solutions to problems etc.,

    The role would be of a typical DBA along with some disaster recovery planning etc.,

    Thanks, ST2000

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    Sorry mate I don't have any website dealing with ORACLE-Win NT/2000 issues specifically... But I do have some experience in Win NT/2000 platforms.. Guess I can help you resolve some of your more specific OS related issues.

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    some points

    NTFS can allocate more then 2G;
    your database runs in a NT-Service
    see oradim ...
    your dba-group is ORA_DBA
    The sessions are always working as threads ( you see only one oralce.exe in taskmanager )
    and a lot is to configure in the nt-registry like


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    One important difference in NT cannot write to open files..so for backups you gotta to use ocopy,

    for killing session you need to use orakill at the os level

    learn about ms toolkit

    You can install cygwin and make NT behave as Unix (well sorta of)

    Batch scripting isnt as rich Unix shell scripting

    Learn how to use Oradim

    And windows if you want to start a database the oracle service has to be up n running

    windows does not have a mailx utility ..but you can download blat search for it on google..

    And the most important thing..when all else fails JUST REBOOT THE SERVER..AND EVERYTHING WILL START WORKIN FINE..(I DONT KNOW WHY THIS IS ALWAYS TRUE)and this can be a differentiating factor when you come from a Unix background


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    i recall that there is a key to add to the registry on win machines that stops the o/s from updating the last modified flag on files -- it's a performance thing. Can't remember it, though there are quite a few web pags out there covering oracle on win machines -- google is a good starting point
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    Good Information guys..

    Thanks a lot.. I definitely came to know a lot more things from the responses on NT and I need to have a different thinking attitude now I suppose that makes me little odd..

    How about disaster recovery strategies on Win NT/2000 adv server systems? Where could I start looking out, as that will be the area where I will be landing into in my first week.. plus system administration on NT...

    I have been working with RAID 1 (Mirroring and duplexing) for all our production instances, with usual backup and recovery strategies. How feasible is Replication or any other good alternatives at db level.. OR is it better to stick with System level for the same?

    Thanks, ST2000

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    For disaster recovery..I dont really recommend replication..replication is okay if there one or two tables and these undergo some small changes which needs to be available at the other site..You should be looking at Oracle Data gaurd or Oracle standby for disaster recovery..just make sure that the two primary and secondary are at different sites..I maybe wrong here but some of the other DBA's may come up with other ideas perhaps

    For system administration you can look for


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