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Thread: Recover Database Until Sequence

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    Recover Database Until Sequence

    Another "Beachfront" test question involves the RMAN syntax:

    RMAN> Recover Database Until Sequence 2911 Thread 1;

    the answer from Beachfront for this question is:

    "RMAN performs an incomplete database recovery until the sequence number 2910."

    I thought that when you do an UNITL SEQUENCE recovery, it would recover up to the sequence number you listed, so for this test question shouldn't it recover up to and including sequence number 2911?

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    I believe the sequence specification is non-inclusive.

    The idea being that if you are recovering due to a disk crash where a particular log has been lost, you specify that log to recover until.

    Check the Oracle RMAN reference.



    Any comments welcome... the more personal the better!

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    Re: Recover Database Until Sequence

    Originally posted by wannabeDBA
    question shouldn't it recover up to and including sequence number 2911?
    When we specify a sequence number, it is considered as an UPPER limit, RMAN selects only those files which are needed for the recovery and uses 2911 as an upper log sequence number while recovering database. It will use log sequence number upto 2910

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    Thanks to all for setting me straight......

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