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Thread: setting display for oracle installation

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    Unhappy setting display for oracle installation

    Hellow friends,

    I am trying to install the oracle8i on a sun server (i.e., on sun solaris 8) but whenever i am running the runInstaller it is saying to set the display.
    I tried to give the follwing commands.

    #DISPLAY=:0.0; export $DISPLAY
    it din't work
    so I tried to give as follows
    #export $DISPLAY
    hostname:0.0 is not a valid identifier ( the error)

    Can any one help me to set this parameter?

    Thanks in advance.



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    Would it be safe to assume you are not typing "hostname" as the name of your machine?

    If you hostname/node name is malladi, you would enter
    setenv DISPLAY malladi:0.0 (for C-shell)

    If the display is properly set, you should be able to run xclock or any other CDE GUI tool. If you can't run xclock, you won't be able to run OUI.

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    setting display for oracle installation

    Thanks stecal,

    I have got the OUI. Actually I was doing the mistake in settting the DISPLAY ie., while exporting I am adding "$" before DISPLAY.

    #export DISPLAY

    thanks a lot,



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