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Thread: Re-name data, control, log files... procedure.

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    Re-name data, control, log files... procedure.


    We have W2k + ora8i + NetApps (Storage divice).

    Storage divices are mapped to Oracle boxes as mapped drives (like N, O etc). Of late we are getting disconnects and the entire database goes down. We get the erros like:
    Wed Jan 15 12:38:48 2003
    KCF: write/open error block=0x1839 online=1
    file=25 O:\ORADATA\BAANP\C503_IDX01.DBF
    error=27072 txt: 'OSD-04008: WriteFile() failure, unable to write to file
    O/S-Error: (OS 64) The specified network name is no longer available.'
    Wed Jan 15 12:38:48 2003
    Errors in file p:\oradata\baanp\dump\bdump\baanCKPT.TRC:
    ORA-00206: error in writing (block 3, # blocks 1) of controlfile
    ORA-00202: controlfile: 'P:\ORADATA\BAANP\CONTROL03.CTL'
    ORA-27072: skgfdisp: I/O error
    OSD-04008: WriteFile() failure, unable to write to file
    O/S-Error: (OS 59) An unexpected network error occurred.

    We contacted NetApps people and also Oracle. Oracle thinks it is OS/Storage device problem. NetApps thinks it is W2k problem. NetApps guys came up with some suggestion. They think this problem may go away if we use UNC instead of mapped drives. After implimenting UNC the path would look like :


    My question if I have to change(rename) all the datafiles, contorlfiles, redolog files for the entire database to the new naming convention, what would be be best way ? Can some one post some kind of step by step procedure for this. Your help in this regard would be greately approciated.

    For some time both Drive mappings and UNC naming is going to be available simultaniously. Gradually Drive mapping would be phased out.

    I Know there are tons of Oracle GURUs in this forum who know how to do this and ready to help. Please post your valueble suggessions

    Thank you very much,

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    Steps are:

    1. Shutdown immediate
    2. Edit init.ora to change the control files location by editing CONTROL_FILES= parameter.
    3. Startup mount
    4. ALTER DATABASE RENAME FILE '/path/old_data_file.dbf' TO '/path/new_data_file.dbf'; for all datafiles and redo log members.

    You can get the names for #4 from select name from v$datafile; and select member from v$logfile;

    Hope that helps,

    clio_usa - OCP 8/8i/9i DBA

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    Thanks Clio_usa

    I made a note of the steps you mentioned.

    We will try this, this weekend.

    Hopefully everthing goes well..!!!

    Thank you very much.


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    You Can do it in another way also.

    Step1: Take a backup of your control file to trace.
    Step2: Change the locations of datafiles/logfiles in the backed control file.
    Step3: Remove all the commented lines in the backed control file.
    Step4: Change in Init.Ora file the location of Control Files.
    Step5: Shutdown your database (Prefer Normal).
    Step6: Copy your Data files, Log files, Control Files (If the location is different, otherwise no need).
    Step7: Connect to Database as internal.
    Step8: Run the backed up (Changed control file).

    That's it. You database will point it new location.

    I hope this helps you out.


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