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Thread: ORA -1847 day of month must be between 1 and last day of month

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    ORA -1847 day of month must be between 1 and last day of month


    Im trying to debug a troublesome trigger.

    In my when clause im using this type of logic....

    nvl(old.cust_flag, 'z') <> nvl(new.cust_flag,'z') or
    nvl(old.last_updated_by, 99999) <> nvl(new.last_updated_by,99999) or


    but im having problems with the date format by this i mean

    nvl(old.last_update,'9999') <> nvl(new.last_update,'9999')

    Table Struct

    cust_flag = VARCHAR150
    last_updated_by = Number 15
    last_update = Date

    The problem is prob the format (ie '9999) above) but im not too sure what to put in when referencing a date???

    I really hope someone can help...

    Thanks in Advacne to anyone who can...
    Carpe Diem

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    Hi Barabas,

    When you are giving nvl for a date field, system expects the default value to be in conformance with the default date format as specified by NLS_DATE_FORMAT.

    Her eyou may try as:
    nvl(old.last_update, sysdate) <> nvl(new.last_update,sysdate)



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    Hi Eldo

    I tried that, & it worked. Thanks for the help & explaination...
    Carpe Diem

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