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Thread: Alter table - next extent

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    Question Alter table - next extent

    I have a rather large table (19,000,000 million rows = 7 gig). I need to alter the next extent size, as it is too large (.5 gig). I do not have that much contiguous free space in this file system. So, I plan:

    alter table GLTRANS
    storage (next 250M);

    Does that sound okay?
    Does the database have to be offline or can the users still be accessing it?
    Does this come back quick, or is it going to try to dump and reload all the records?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Yes, you can perfectly adjust the next extent size of an object only whithout effecting anyone.

    The change will be immediat

    Hope this helps

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    Is your tablespace in which this table resides is locally managed ?If it's then why bother ? If it's not then ofcourse you can go ahead with this option!
    OCP 8.0, 8i, 9i

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