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Thread: DBA types ...

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    Originally posted by hrishy
    Hi Steve

    whenever i attend interviews people now ask wheather i can manage..BEAweblogic.Oracle9ias Apache webserver.....so i was just wunderin..do people here who are DBA's also into this kinda of stuff..

    I must say, I don't perfom any of those functions in my DBA role. It's got me confused how they expect Oracle DBA's (all of us will admit we never learn al there is to know about it), to be "experts" in other areas as well.
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    Originally posted by stecal
    There are four types of DBA's, with short descriptions listed below.

    1) The smart and industrious DBA. This is the type of DBA you should aspire to be. Proactive, stays current with respect to mastering new techniques, always learning. Is a ready source of information. Understands how the database interacts with other components of the company.

    2) The stupid and industrious DBA. This is the type of DBA you want to shoot. Frequently causes problems due to his own ineptitude. Has Ex-Lax hands - everything he touches turns to crap. Industrious nature causes problems long after he has been terminated or fired; you're just never sure what is was he got into while "working" for you. Never really understood why rollback didn't work when he truncated your 6 million row customer table.

    3) The smart and lazy DBA. This type of DBA is a sad case to see; you know he has the smarts and potential to do well, but his work ethic just isn't all that great. Some are this way because of external factors. For example, family problems may distract him at work, giving the impression he is lazy. Others may be trying to ride the IT gravy train of the mid-90's and cop an attitude ("I'm the DBA, I don't have to do squat. The database will take care of itself. And besides, it's the system administrator's fault.").

    4) The stupid and lazy DBA. This type of DBA is rarely seen these days - in the work place, that is. Predatory nature of management ("The Revenge of Management Against IT Staff") since the mid-1990's has pretty much cut the dead weight from their organizations. Many of these (non-working) DBAs can be found on brain dump/cheat sheet web sites, always asking for freebies (STS, ILT, Brain Cramp, Test Weenie, etc.). Many also aspire to be removed from the sanction list and come in from the cold. They believe becoming an OCP earns them a meal ticket, and still never understood why they were fired in the first place, or why they can't get a job in the first place.
    "There is a vast world of work out there in this country, where at least 111 million people are employed in this country alone--many of whom are bored out of their minds. All day long. Not for nothing is their motto TGIF -- 'Thank God It's Friday.' They live for the weekends, when they can go do what they really want to do."
    -Richard Nelson Bolles, What Color is Your Parachute?, 1970

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    This reminds me of the Oracle consultant once onsite whose expertese was in Oracle 9ias said that Oracle is trying to make dba work easier with every new release. It seems that with 9i there is very minimal requirement for a DBA and anyone can perform the job with slight guidance. Does anyone here agree to it ?

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    What DBA?

    Oracle announced on April 2 that it would be offering Oracle 9i as an outsourced service. This extends Oracle's three-year-old foray into outsourcing beyond outsourcing applications to database and application server outsourcing. To date, Oracle has grown its outsourcing business to 200 customers and $50 million in revenues, a small business for Oracle. However, Oracle has announced it will be making significant investments in this business by 1) establishing incentives for its entire salesforce to sell outsourcing deals; 2) hiring additional sales representatives to focus on selling outsourcing solutions; and 3) investing $60 million in additional hosting facilities. Perhaps most telling in Oracle's commitment to the outsourcing model is the fact its CFO has said that the company expects to build its outsourcing business to a $1-billion-per-year run rate in five years.

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    IBM and SAP are moving in the same direction with hosting.
    David Knight
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    Originally posted by dbasupuser
    It seems that with 9i there is very minimal requirement for a DBA and anyone can perform the job with slight guidance. Does anyone here agree to it ?
    Anyone can install and run Oracle. I takes good experience to do it well. Which causes me to mention another type of dba that I aspire to be: employed. As long as I have good skills I feel that I will be able to keep working and make a good living.

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    Well webhosting and outsourcing is not a new fad. It's been here for a long time but oracle must see that if those financial targets are met, then the maintenance of databases must be really looked into properly. 9i has made the dba job easier? That we need to see, there's not much db's which are on 9i yet(globally). And oracle must watch out while the sales aggression must still succeed(chances are not because everyone is holding on to his wallet real tight), the operation&maintenance must be very good. If not, then oracle will take the blame and not some small oracle partner shop.
    So I wonder if this is a smart move?
    Remember : The database has become easy to manage, not people.


    Tarry Singh
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    In the past relatively feww people provided all the processing hardware and software for the world via assorted mainframes. Now companies software companies are trying to move back to this type of "software as a service" approach since it's guaranteed revenue, rather than the "buy one product and use it for 5 years" model people use at the moment.

    I think the "software as a service" model will continue to gain favour and become the main model for enterprise computing (again). This will result in declining need for hardware and software support staff. Essentially the only work left will be developers of bespoke applications, the number of which will reduce as the ERP vendors increase their range of products.

    IT is dead, long live IT.

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    Not sure whaether this is related to the topic ..but I dont agree with the fact that oracle9i has made a DBA's job easier..when oracle comes out with a new release it packs up a lotta of information .if it makes online table redefination easier..then it has added oracle streams. and new set of analyatical functions..which is somethin again to lookout for..The people whom i know do not do upgrades so easily just because oracle came out with a new release..Try installing oracle9ias and you will know..its a whole different world all together..Oracle also has recently increased prices the minimum user liscensces has gone up from 5 to 20 ..i really wunder how thsi make sense beacuse in web enabled environment there is only one database user like jdbc and all users masquerade as jdbc user when they connect to database..I have seen applications still run on 7.3 and they are not upgrading..(old philosphy if it aint broke dont upgrade) and my senior DBA here has become choosy he reccomends sybase to many new projects..although that holds a risk to my job but i really cant argue with him when he says he is proving to management that he is saving on costs.I am also pickin up some tit bits on other databases and app servers..so does this mean end of the day for pure vanilla oracle DBA's ?

    would like to know what others think...

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    If oracle has made 9i Admin so simple then why they are pushing their OCM (Oracle Certified Master) certification ??
    Why do you need a master to do the *SIMPLE* things??

    Just wondering!!
    Sanjay G.
    Oracle Certified Professional 8i, 9i.

    "The degree of normality in a database is inversely proportional to that of its DBA"

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