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Thread: oracle.exe memory usage on Win2k

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    oracle.exe memory usage on Win2k


    I have an instance with the following SGA memory configuration:

    SQL> show sga;

    Total System Global Area 1496967196 bytes
    Fixed Size 75804 bytes
    Variable Size 408711168 bytes
    Database Buffers 1088102400 bytes
    Redo Buffers 77824 bytes

    However, I notice in Task Manager the ORACLE.EXE is using 1,529,160K under Memory Usage. Is there any relationship between the two?

    I heard Win2k processes can only manager memory address space up to 2GB. Does it mean I can't have more than 2GB for Total System Global Area as shown above?


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    Hei, your sga_max_size (or actual sga size in 8i) is about 1496M, while from task manager, it should be slightly larger, as oracle executable and other library also takes memory, right?

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    Thanks for the reply.

    What about Server Processes in Dedicated Server mode and background processes? Are they part of this 1,529,160K Memory usage for ORACLE.EXE? I don't see separate processes listed in the Task Manager for them. It looks like everything is part of the ORACLE.EXE Memory usage.


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    Oracle on windows platform is single process multithread archtecture.
    You can use tools like Qslice to see every thread in this process.

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