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Thread: general question

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    general question

    Hello all Dba's

    I just had a question before I jumped into this area of work. Are all DBA's essentially stressed out,workaholics who spend sleepless nights trying to recover from a disaster.
    Is there no concept of a 9-5 job (or maybe 11am-9pm to be more realistic) for the dba. Is it true that DBA's can get easily fired even after a brilliant performance in the past just for one error in the OLTP database.
    Please enlighten me on this.


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    Don't think I've ever been a stressed out DBA and I work consitently from 8am to 4pm 5 days a week (there is of course the odd hiccup which requires out of hours support) generally if you do your job well I think you can get things to run fairly constistently.

    As for being a workaholic - not a chance - I work to live, not live to work

    And I've never been fired, mind you I've never totally fried a system which I could'nt recover from.

    I'm sure there are others here who probably have a different outlook

    Sleepless nights - I've had plenty of them but thats due to my 2 year old daughter - now thats stressful
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    Same here although I have had the odd long weekend and a couple of major recoveries that took some time.

    Most of the time my days are like jovery's (just replace the 2 year old daughter with 10 cats, 2 budgies, a fish, and one sick wife).

    In terms of the job security thing - you won't get fired even if you really messed up assuming that you work in the public sector (I can say this because I was on the public sector for some time and seen some of the worst scenarios go unpunished). All other places you would get canned - just keep your head about you and make sure your backups work cleanly and test your restores and you should, for the most part, be okay.

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    See previous two response above.. that's like me as well.
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    You may find this article useful. Knowing the rules has saved me many times.


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    Thanks all for sharing your views. I got some really bad inputs before. This has somewhat changed my outlook.

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