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Thread: Oracle Security

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    Oracle Security

    I have a client that needs his database to be as secure it could be from hackers. And he ask me if i could use other port, cuse The standard port to listen for the Oracle TNS listener is 1521 or it could use 1526 if 1521 is already in use by another installation of Oracle on the same machine.
    Wich one could i use, or could you give me a link that explain how to?

    Or do you have idea to increase security on a oracle database, after it was installe by default?

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    The listener can listen on any port you wish. This is configured through listener.ora. See http://download-west.oracle.com/docs...a85430/toc.htm for other security options...
    Jeff Hunter

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    How does changing port number increase Oracle Security? I am totally blank on this one. Can someone throw light on this. Thanks.
    -- Dilip

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