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Thread: How do you manage free space for Oracle on NT?

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    How do you manage free space for Oracle on NT?

    How do you manage free space for Oracle on NT?

    Our DBA team has a goal to let the tablespace grow as long as each datafile is below 2GB. What we did is setting the autoextend on for all tablespaces and watch the free space on the OS level very closely. As long as the disk space is less than 90% full, we are fine. Currently, we monitor the free space by watching the free space on the "Windows Explorer." This is something I think we can improve.

    Question: Is there a way to write a script on the OS level to check the disk space usage info? On unix, I can use "df -k." Do you have any suggestion on NT? Thanks!

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     Volume in drive E is TEMP
     Volume Serial Number is ECB1-1C6B
     Directory of E:\
    01/10/02  09:44a        DIR          Patches
    01/31/02  01:48p        DIR          Doc
    03/22/02  10:24a        DIR          Tars
    03/26/02  12:58p        DIR          oradata
    03/26/02  12:58p        DIR          oracle
                   5 File(s)              0 bytes
                                129,990,656 bytes free
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    Thank you. I know that. Is there anything like "df -k" that show you all drives at the same time. We have more than 10 drives on the NT servers. Thanks!

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    You can write a Winbatch program that will give you whatever you want.

    You can also write a sql script that will look at the dba_data_files. This of course won't tell you about the archive logs.

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    Have MAXSIZE 2G for each datafiles.

    On windows, you can use WMI on Windows Script Host to accomplish all administrator's tasks. The attachment is an example for monitoring diskspace.
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