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Thread: Abnormal Shutdown Immediate

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    Unhappy Abnormal Shutdown Immediate

    Have any of your apps experienced "shutdown immediate" for no apparent reason?

    Recently, our production database did a shutdown immediate. There No errors in the alert log. We checked /var/adm/messages, and the VCS log. The VCS log indicated that it could not access the listener. The listener log indicated that it could not access the database. Now we are not sure if VCS played a role in this but the Oracle database shows no errors, core dump - nothing.

    Any experience or insight?

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    Sounds like VCS is the culprit...
    If VCS could not access the listener, that would fault the "Oracle" group and thus, initiate a VCS failover. If you have a test VCS environment, you should be able to replicate this situation by stopping the listener from a unix shell, watch the VCS console and it should failover (Shutdown immediate and Startup oracle on another node in the cluster)

    Good Luck

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