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Thread: Opening a File

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    Opening a File

    I am using Forms 5.0
    I need to create a generic procedure that can open
    any sort of a file (atleast doc,excel,ppt) from the
    following table and show it on the screen:

    Table fileTest (filepath varchar2(50));

    As u can see i only have the file's path in the
    table, not the actual file itself.

    Thanks in Advance.

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    What did u mean when have written: "open any file"
    ANY file have to use NOT ANY programm for show its content.
    If u thing that forms 5.0 can works with any kind of files i gess
    it is dream.

    What u may to do:

    a) create some dictionary for file extentions that describes
    command templates like:

    extention --> *.doc
    exe-template --> winword "$filename"
    extention --> *.xls
    exe-template --> excel "$filename"
    and so on...

    b) write small function that return command/template for some filename.

    c) use host command for "OPEN" that file
    host get_hos_command(:filename);

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