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Thread: listener.log file

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    listener.log file

    Oracle 9.2.0 on Sun Solais8

    I am unable to find "listener.log" file on the database server.

    I then used the parameter "LOG_DIRECTORY_LISTENER = /u01/oracle/9.2.0/network/log" in listener.ora file
    and reloaded the listener. I still can not find this file
    after few days.

    I can see this file for databases using 8.1.7 software
    on other servers.

    Any thoughts?


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    Look this file in *oracleHome*, I think you will find this over there!
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    I can find that file any where on my system.
    I did a find on the server from the root (/) level.

    When I say

    $lsnrctl status

    It shows you the location of the listener.log file.
    However, there is no file in that location.

    Any other ideas?

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    Do you know what OFA is? If so, why didn't you follow it?

    Are you remotely logged in to the server? If so, is the shell window you are using to find the file logged in to the server?

    You may have set the directory in the listener.ora file, but are you sure that directory exists?

    Have you looked in $ORACLE_HOME/network/log (the default location)?

    Navigate to /u01/oracle directory. At the UNIX prompt, enter
    la -laR > oracle_files

    Once the oracle_files file has been created, use vi to open it. Do a search for "listener" (enter a /, then type in listener and hit return).

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    Thanks for your response.

    I am fully aware of OFA and I strictly follow
    that. I am looking for listener.log file
    in the default location which is $ORACLE_HOME/network/log.
    The permissions on this *specific* directory are 777.
    There is no log file in this location nor on the entire file system.

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    I think I found out the problem for this.
    I was able to figure it out on my own.
    Thanks for your attention to this issue.

    Few days back, I had deleted the "listener.log"
    file as it was growing big. It seems that Oracle
    will not create this file back again (after you delete it)
    until your STOP and START or re-start the listener process/service.

    The file got created now after the listener process was stopped
    and started.

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