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Thread: database sizing

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    I would like size the database taking the current statistics
    of our applications and also estimate the size of the database over a period of 5years.Can u suggest some document purely on this.thanks in advance.

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    ummm... no... maybe though, you could write one.
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    You can definitly size ur database using a dirty rule..i.e

    1.get to know the avg row size in your table
    select avg_row_size from user_tables;
    2.know that total no. of records in that table.
    select count(*) from ;
    3.Multiply both the values

    Say for example..if the avg row size in the table emp is
    120 bytes and total no of rows in that table is 100 then
    total table size is=120*100
    This is the no of rows insert into your table for the past 2 months.So for 12 months..multiply this by 10...the result u get would be the value for initial and next storage parameter.

    But oracle has also provided a formula for sizing ur tables...just check the doc....



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    On my opinion your idear will not work.

    I have a table, in this table i have an average of 46 rows per block, the avg row length is 156 and the block size is 8k. But 46*156 give only 7176 which means that 1k out of the 8 is in this case not used for data and would not be considered in your formula. The main raison for it is the block header and the free space.

    So I would rather recommand, as you already did it to just check the doc.

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