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Thread: Temp Tablespace growing unexpectedly high!

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    Hi all!

    Working on Oracle v8i with OS as Win2k/NT!

    Many thanks for the info!

    I am again facing a similar problem:

    My Temporary Tablespace which was sized at 200m with autoextend on has once again shot upto 1.65GB all on a sudden.My DB is on NOarchivelog Mode and Temporary Tablespace is Dictionary managed.

    Do I need to reduce the SHARED_POOL_SIZE which is at present 27MB,with LARGE_POOL_SIZE at 20mb and JAVA_POOL_SIZE at 20MB.

    What I believe I am experiencing paging and Swapping because of over usage of memory and disksorting to memory sorting is less than 3% as per your query which you sent me recently!

    So what should be done to avoid this problem as this is really eating my head!

    Loking forward to hearing from you at the earliest!


    Oracle DBA (OCP) v8i,v9i

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    SHARED_POOL_SIZE is small. Drop the TEMP TS and recreate it with the tempfile keyword (LMT).
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    sql tuning

    Hi group,

    iam exeuting an query it takes 9 minutes to execute in oracle 7 database and takes 2 minutes in 8 database.query contains selecting data from 2 tables using joins and where conditions.Table 1 contains 2000 rows and table 2 contains 1500 rows.Give me a good solution.how to reduce the time in both 7 and 8 databases

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    geez, so much information

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