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Thread: Where can I get Oracle 7?

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    I have just started an Oracle module at uni. The uni says they are running Oracle 7, but the Oracle website seems to only allow me to download 8i. While I would love to have 8i, I'm not sure about compatibility issues between the two.

    Is Oracle 7 still available? What is the difference between these versions (the personal editions of 7 & 8i) and Developer/2000? I know the uni. runs Forms 4.5 so I would imagine this is a must.

    Thank you for any help you can provide


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    I very much doubt you'll be able to download Oracle 7 from anywhere now. It is still available from Oracle to my knowledge, but they don't normally give anything for free.

    There are massive differences between Personal Oracle 7 and 8i, but providing you don't try and use them, then you should have no problems with compatibility.

    The only thing you would have problems with is trying to run forms 6i at home and 4.5 at Uni.


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