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Thread: LOBs and DR$ Tables

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    I have a table with a BLOB column. I am storing lobs in a seperate tablespace.

    Somehow some DR$ tables have been created which have millions of rows and keep increasing exponentially every time I add a mp3 or pdf file into the lob column of the table.

    what are these DR$ tables and why is their size increasing exponentially.

    Here is a snapshot of the sizes currently

    segment_name MB EXTENTS tablespace_name
    ---------------------------------------- ---------- ---------- ----------------------
    DR$CU_PDF_POL$I 864.578125 1729 CONTEXT_DATA
    DR$CU_PDF_POL$X 413.554688 827 CONTEXT_DATA
    DR_01095_I1T1 125.914063 248 CONTEXT_DATA
    DR_01095_I1I1 108.195313 213 CONTEXT_DATA
    SYS_LOB0000070215C00006$$ 51 102 CONTEXT_DATA

    I tried looking around for more information but couldnt find.

    Please suggest.


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    Well looking at your tablespace name and the fact they are DR$ tables would indicated to be your using INTERMEDIA and domain indexes. You see, when you are adding documents, the contents of the documents are being indexed via indexing processes.

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