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Thread: Trigger Oracle Data into MS SQL Server

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    I'd really like to create some sort of link from oracle to sql server, so changes in my oracle db could be triggered into sql server (roughly an "automatic data warehouse"). It's easy to link to oracle from sql server, but I'm baffled by the process (if even possible) going the other way. I'm using sql server 2000 and oracle 9i (I also have some ss version 7 and oracle 8 floating around my organization). Alternatively, I could use a little help calling a COM object to handle the task (vb6 code in a dll). Either way, I'm looking for real-time automation of this transfer.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    You can use Oracle transparent gateway for Sql Server to set up a link to your sql server 7/2000 database and schedule a Job to handle the process to push the data to Sql server.

    If you are calling a COM object Iam sure Tim Hall's site has more Info on the process involved



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